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Four Record Weeks

Starting Monday, 19th January till Saturday, 14. February 2004 "Meterbratwurst" enthusiasts can face the challenge to break the anniversary record in one of the restaurants “ „Ratsstube“, „Goldener Löwe“, „Zum Stern“, „Zum Hirschen“ in Sulzfeld.


  • Before ordering the first meter of the "Meterbratwurst", each record-eater has to fill in his (or her) “Meterbratwurstpass” (available in the restaurant).
  • Up to the first two meters including side dishes, the guest has to pay the regular price according to the menue card. All further inches and meter are free of charge.
  • The guest is not allowed to leave the guest room during the record attempt.
  • At least one side dish must be eaten.
  • The record attempt is finished after two hours.
  • The guest has to eat the "Meterbratwurst" completely himself. If any help is observed, the record attempt will be counted as invalid.
  • Each participant will receive an individual confirmation about the eaten length.
  • For reservation please call: Ratsstube 09321/4234, Goldener Löwe 09321/4862, Zum Stern 09321/13350, Zum Hirschen 09321/5608).


One overall champion and one local champion per restaurant will be identified. There are prices to win for the overall contest and per individual restaurant. Please ask in the restaurant for the actual prices. The winners will be nominated on Sunday, February 15th at 11 am in the Sulzfeld city hall.

Prices to win for the overall record:
1st price: Four persons Guest of honor at the opening of the Sulzfeld "Weinfest". Additionally a "Weinfest-survival-package" ( wine and food)
2nd to 10th price: wine present