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The History of the "Sulzfelder Meterbratwurst"
A.D.1953: A bunch of thirsty and hungry locals is entering the inn "Zum Löwen". 
The mood is excellent, the wine is perfect, the grilled saussages and the kraut with fresh german dark bread is delicious. The comment of a guest, „Die Wurscht könnt ich meterweis ess“ (franconian dialect, means: "I really could eat meters of this saussage") , caused the innkeeper to take action. It is the hour of the smart restaurateur Lorenz Stark, master butcher and then innkeeper of  „Goldenen Löwen“. Thirty minutes later he returns from the "saussagekitchen", carrying a one meter long saussage, stirs it goldenbrown in the pan and serves the very first Meterbratwurst“.
Since this event the "Sulzfelder Meterbratwurst" – served with charme- attracted a lot of brave "record eaters"  and allways a good atmosphere. Everybody beating the current length record got his "meterbratwurst" for free. Best together with the "meterbratwurst" was and is a good glas of Sulzfelder "Cyriakusberg" or "Maustal".