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Records around the "Meterbratwurst"

If one hears "Meterbratwurst" he immediately is aware of the records around it. Soon past the "invention", record hunters from all over the world visited Sulzfeld a. Main attempting to eat enough meters to break the record. The rules of the eating contest differ from restaurant to restaurant. Some set a time limit, some serve new side dishes with every new meter others only once.
The present record keeper ate unbeliveable 5.60 meters including side dishes without suffering permanent damages. (You like to know long 5.60 meters are? Just click  here!

And now some facts concerning the records:

  • The current overall record was set up 1999 in the guesthouse "Zum Stern".
  • The very firt meterbratwurst eating contest took place on the occasion of the "invention" of the Meterbratwurst. The winner had to eat 1.75m of "Sulzfelder Meterbratwurst" including side dishes.
  • Small thin people have better chances than big fat ones. (Gottfried Stark, "Ratsstube)
  • The 1982's record of 5.15m, set up in guesthaus "Zum Hirschen" was unbroken for 17 years.
  • At the inventors restaurant the record is 4.25m. 

   Contest-weeks: 19th January to 15 February 2004

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary you have the chance to set up the anniversary record and to win one of the attractive prices. Of course you don't have to beat the "world record" of 5.60m. The contest will start from scratch with zero meters and the winner will be the best eater of this certain period. 

The competition will start in mid of January and last four weeks. You find specific information about rules, prices etc. here .